Oslamp Curved 50-inch Light Bar Review

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Whether it’s to extend the time spent on an off-road adventure or to get extra work done after sunset, additional lighting for sports or work vehicles can keep the darkness from becoming an overwhelming headache. Because of legal road restrictions, normal headlights can’t supply the needed brightness when the route is unpaved. For these occasions,


Penton 24-inch Light Bar Review

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Light bars are a hugely popular accessory for off-road enthusiasts, but not all drivers have an extensive budget for this item. Fortunately, there are products that function well and are reasonably priced. The Penton 24-inch Light Bar is one economical option in particular that is worth a closer look. It has just 40 LED pieces,


Oslamp Curved 42-inch Light Bar Review

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Vehicles for off-pavement travel come in all sizes from two-seater ATVs to massive dump trucks. The Oslamp 42” Curved Light Bar has the right dimensions to fit all of them while providing ample lighting to cover the way. By day, the ruts, craters, loose gravel, and low branches that characterize many unofficial routes can be


Auxbeam 42-inch Curved Light Bar Review

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The market for light bars is extensive, and there is something for nearly every vehicle and purpose. There are also products that fit a variety of budgets. Luckily for many consumers, there are some products that rank highly with both quality and affordability. The Auxbeam 42-inch Curved Light Bar is one example, and a closer


Eyourlife 52-inch Curved Light Bar Review

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Going off road should be fun, not life-threatening. The idea is to enjoy a challenge without risking an almost certain catastrophe. This is where additional lighting comes in. The lights need to supply better coverage for both the forward and side positions. The Eyourlife 52” Curved Light Bar accomplishes this chore with a single fixture.


u-Box 24-inch Light Bar Review

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Whether you enjoy off-road adventures, constantly drive at night in rural locations, or have any other need for nighttime lighting, the u-Box 24-inch light bar is the ticket to getting more usable light inexpensively. When headlights are simply not powerful enough, a light bar provides a powerful stream of bright white light. Attach the fixture


Shanren 42-inch Curved Light Bar Review

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Uneven ground and low light are a bad combination for any vehicle. This is pretty obvious when it’s a dirt trail being traversed by an ATV, but a truck handling a job on a deteriorating pavement after dark has a lot to risk too. Putting extra light on the road ahead can reduce the danger


Auxbeam 50-inch Curved Light Bar Review

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AuxBeam prides itself on being one of the leading manufacturers of LED light products. The large selection of award-winning light fixtures are designed to be affordable yet durable and offer quality performance. The company also frequently updates the technology contained within each light, which ensures that consumers continue getting the benefits of quality products. Their


Auxbeam 22-inch Curved Light Bar Review

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The 22 inch curved LED light bar from Auxbeam makes a great addition to any vehicle. The slightly curved design helps the CREE LEDs throw light over a larger area. Constructed of high-quality extruded aluminum the casing serves as an effective heat sink keeping the lights cool through long hours of use. Its compact 22


Penton 44-inch Light Bar Review

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Light up the night with the 44” LED light bar from Penton. This full sized light bar fits perfectly on off-road vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Penton builds a solid product that performs far beyond its price range. The 44” model’s casing is made of die cast aluminum and the lens formed from hardened